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Investigating the Intersection of Psych, Art & Tech



I’m a natural leader, an aggressive learner, and an art-kid that thrives in dynamic, unpredictable, and challenging situations. I’m blessed with a sharp mind, a unflappable demeanor, and a deep love of seeking interesting answers to complicated questions. 

I’m on the hunt for a way to use the principals I love – design, psychology, and technology – to make a difference in the world.

I’ve done everything from volunteering for a year at Women’s Community Clinic in San Francisco to traveling to Tibet to study local art and craft; From organizing ecstatic dance events for over 700+ people to winning grants that allowed me to lead a team of 30 in creating a major art installation.
I’m an avid autodidact and in 2011 I taught myself to code for web and transformed my fine art education and natural people skills into a business that helped companies to use a human centered approach to building their branding and marketing strategies. Most recently, I’ve been leading marketing efforts and brand development for a multi-million dollar office furniture manufacturer whose portfolio includes companies like Apple, Facebook and Adobe.


Graphic Design & Branding